OK – this is my first time bloggin’ so please don’t be too harsh!  🙂  Where do I begin?  Well I am determined to keep my business alive, despite the economy and this recession!  The question is how to make it work despite all the obstacles?  So I am taking jobs that I would have never thought to take in a million years.  For example, I just completed the 2nd part of what I like to call the Rescue Cleaning – My client was committed to a mental institution and we were hired by the guardian ad litem to clean the house – when I first arrived to give the estimate, in the living room, I thought that I was walking on carpet, well it was really human and animal feces and that was only the beginning!  That night, when I returned home, I stripped down immediately and disinfected every item of clothing that I was wearing, including my shoes!  The cleaning of the house took 2 days, I had 2 men and 1 woman working on Day 1.  About 1/2 way through the day, I received a call that both of the men were sick.  I arrived to find them laid out on the front lawn with neighbors administering fluids – the woman who was working was also sickened by the condition of the house, but kept on working.  On Day 2, we had no idea as to what we were going to face.  The 2 Men from Day 1 never returned to work.  We had 2 New Men and the same Woman who had worked the day before, the job was sickening and I worked along side them.  Then, we went into the garage and started pulling out old boxes that were taped shut.  We opened 17 of these boxes and found the carcases / skeletons of the cats that had died in the house.  Unbelievable, sickening and true.  The 2nd part of the job included the washing of the terribly soiled clothing and linens in the house.  There were close to 350 lbs of laundry to be done and all of it was covered in vomit, feces and bodily fluids. The laundry was washed 2 to 3 times with hospital regulated disinfectants, odor removal and every chemical possible to sanitize it!  Was it worth it? Did we get paid?  Yes & Yes.  Would I do more of these jobs?  Definitely!  And the struggle continues .  . .