I am frustrated today!  Trying to make a living, doing it the straight and narrow way.  I am licensed and insured and have my employees bonded and I am not able to compete with the illegal immigrants who sell thier services at 1/4 the price that I do.  I refuse to give in or up on my business because of the unfair advantage that the illegal immigrants have over me. 

To my customers and loyal followers, how would you feel if you lost your job, your bread and butter to someone who is less qualified and shouldn’t even be here in this country – shouldn’t be allowed to work in this country? 

I’ve heard it all!  Service, service, service!  Yes, I agree, but on days like today, it just isn’t enough!  I work hard, pay taxes, register my business, pay my employees legally and do everything by the book, but “they” still keep on getting my jobs and work! 

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know . . .