How to beat the competition?  Well, if you’re not going to join ’em, we will find a way to beat ’em!

The question was, “How can we differentiate our company from the rest of the cleaning /concierge companies in Miami?” The answer came to me when I had one of my older employees come into the office.  Let’s say, her name is “Gwen” – well, whenever Gwen would work with one of the clients, that client would always ask for her to return by name.  Which in turn meant repeat business for me and more working hours for Gwen.  Also, Clients did not mind paying a little more for the great service that was provided.  Gwen, ended up being one of the highest paid employees on my staff – consistently!

I am not sure what she did, because, I would follow up with each client to see how the service went, and each one had a different experience.  One lady stated that she loved the way that Gwen arranged her magazines in the living room.  Another, mentioned that Gwen knew of her physical disabilities when she came, she would always do something to make her day if not life a little easier.  I came to understand that Gwen, would get to know each client and then tailor her “gift of kindness” to each client which is what made each one feel “special”.That did not take hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars in a new marketing plan, just getting back to the basics of good customer service and taking pride in yourself and your work. 

It seems that too many of us have forgotten these basics, good wholesome truths, by which to live and work by.

With each bump, hill and mountain that we encounter, I cannot forget to give thanks for the small blessings (some of them seem so insignificant, but they are blessings none the less) as they are the ones that keep us going.

Until my next entry . . . God Bless!