Well, I’m here to help you make what seems to be a difficult decision – weighing the money and the legal ramifications gets kind of hairy . . .  let me help you! 

Yes, you should hire a cleaning company instead of your friend’s mother’s cousin’s sister-in-law who is visiting for the last 3 years and still can’t speak a word of English and has no plans of becoming legal in this country.  Sure, your friend’s mother’s cousins’ sister-in-law would be cheaper, but what recourse do you have if anything goes wrong?  And, if you are anything like me, something always goes awry when we least expect it. 

Legitimate cleaning companies are licensed, insured and thier employees are bonded – this is done to protect you the consumer.  What protection would you have if you hire an individual instead of a cleaning company?  I belive that the answer is “None”!  No one is there to support you or to guarantee the work that should be performed.  Sure, you’ll pay allot less, but at what cost?   

So, you decided to hire a cleaning company – but you are still stuck on paying them what you would your friend’s mother’s cousin’s sister-in-law and expect that this company will provide you with the same number of hours for the same price.  Well it just won’t happen.  Expect to pay more for the service, but expect a top notch service.  Screened and trained employees in basic uniform will provide the household duties on a professional level. 

Most of my clients stated that our cleaning was so thorough, that they could wait for bi-weekly service instead of weekly.  Complaints are handled immediately and our service is guaranteed 100%.  The only way a complaint isn’t handled is if the customer chooses not to bring it to us and then there is nothing that we can do.

To keep your costs down, think of the things or areas in your home that are most important to you to have cleaned each time, and then the other areas can be done on alternating weeks or service dates.  If you want your refrigerator cleaned, go through it first the night before the cleaning crew arrives so that they don’t have to decide what to keep and what to throw away – that will just take up more time which is = to more $$.

Give the cleaning company a budget that you want to work within and try to get them to stick to a flat rate – this way if they go over on the time it is the responsibility of the cleaning company and not yours.

Also, give them a realistic estimate of how many hours you believe a thorough cleaning would take for your home – this will help the company give you a realistic estimate – also tell them a little bit about you and your home, family and pets, so that they can better provide you with a service that is tailored to you and your family’s needs.

Last but not least, pick up what you can before the cleaning crew arrives, put the dirty clothes in the hamper put the trash in the garbage bins and think about what you want them to do for you on the visit – I believe that you will be pleasantly surprised and you will have a great relationship with a professional cleaning company.

Until the next time . . .  I am only a blog away!  🙂