I guess that there must be something wrong with me – it’s Saturday in Miami and here I am sitting @ Taste Cafe (that’s not the “wrong” part – as a matter of fact, that’s the good part) working!

I know, I’ve got to work to make a living and to be successful, but what about life?  

I watch all of these other people who are enjoying life and I wonder, what happened?  When did I get caught up in the rat race that I had always warned myself against.  I wanted to stay young at heart, but between the poor economy and the change in everything – I got caught up even before the bottom fell out! Making 6 figures, and never seeing my kids was not an option.  So I believed that my own business was the best recourse – yes, I do see my kids more often, they come to work with me (everyday during the Summer) but, here I am still stressed and still chasing that proverbial $$.

I need to get back to the basics . . . I need to go back to the  way that things used to be – simple. 

I remember when I first purchased my first home, and I did it knowing that I could hold any job and still maintain my home.  But I got caught up in the chase for more and for bigger!  I got the bigger home, I bought the  bigger, fancier car, I bought the nicer things, but here I am today, tired, and worn from the struggle every day to try to maintain a standard of living that was not built on a solid foundation, but on reaching for the next thing without thinking properly of the debt or problems that can come with it.

My lesson is learned, I will move back into my modest Townhome and restructure my finances, I’ll still work hard, but I will take breaks and spend “quality” time with my children (whom I love dearly)!  I am going back to the basics and I won’t change again because this is the only way to live!

Next time I write on my blog on a Saturday, I hope that it will be the NEW me who would have re-learned how to enjoy her life in a more modest fashion.

Take care, and enjoy your life . . .