Did I mention in one of my earlier blogs, that I really HATE Fridays?  Well if I didn’t before, I am saying it again!  Not the day, just what it stands for . . . Payroll!  Staff who don’t appreciate anything that I do for them, Customers who won’t pay , I can go on, but I won’t!

I feel as though, I have stepped back 4 years and I haven’t moved forward with my business . . . I know that isn’t true.  I have made strides to automate the business through the web site and I have worked on organization and putting better systems in place.  So despite my discouragement, and my seemingly depressing attitude, I know that I have grown this company!  The numbers prove it.  It just gets frustrating when you try to do things the right way, and every step of the way, there is a stumbling block. But isn’t that LIFE?

What I am looking for is “change”, positive change!  Change to allow me to overcome these obstacles and move onto the next big thing.  I am there . . . waiting!  Do I need to mature as a business person first?  What is holding me and the company back?  Is it me?  What am I afraid of?  I hate being so uncertain, this is not a good trait for a leader, and I AM a Leader!  I am also the root of the problem – it is ME!

I am a small business woman, with an amazing concept and business, simple and wholesome.  It sells,and it will continue to grow  but I can’t keep on making the same mistakes.  New ones maybe, but not the same old problems over and over again.  The questions are:  What do I need to change in myself and what do I need to change in my company?  Successful leaders have a successful team around them.  I need to hire a management team.  Just like the house managers that I place in my clients’ homes, who handle everything from soup to nuts, I need a business manager for my business to handle everything, but where do I find this person?

The labor pool in Miami is dismal, I hear it all the time from other business owners, the extremely poor work ethic and habits.  So, if I can’t change people, then I have to change myself or my way of perceiving things.  Enough of my self-pity rant!  Even I cannot take it for very long, as a Leader, I must be strong and confident, my decisions must be made well, they must be firm and I cannot vacillate.  I like my staff, but they are not my friends, they trust that I will provide them with work and I do. I have FAITH in this business and that I AM doing what I am supposed to be doing with my life.  What else do I need, I have the confirmation from above!

Until the next time . . .