What people respect and give credit to in this life is not the things that “really matter” but the things that have NO eternal reward.  How much you or I amass on this place we call earth, by the words in the Bible, have no weight on our eternal salvation.  I want eternal salvation, but trying to “save lives” daily is a drain on me emotionally and physically!  These are grown people who should know right from wrong, good from bad and can make decisions for their lives without someone watching over them.  They don’t even appreciate the effort that is made.

I have one such person who took off from work on Monday because she wanted to “get drunk” on Superbowl Sunday.  She then took off on Friday, because the following week was Valentine’s Day and wanted to spend time with her “boyfriend”??!!  This is the same person who drives over an hour to get her paycheck each week and most of the time doesn’t have enough gas to get home so she cashes the check immediately.  Go figure!  Where are her priorities?  With two children to care for, getting drunk and running after a boyfriend, show me that her priorities are completely upside down.

The sad thing is that this is not uncommon with many of the people who walk through my doors, and I TRY to HELP!  But, it is just too draining!!!  I can’t get through to them!  I am NOT a Social Worker, but this is basically what I have been doing because of who I have working for me.  I cannot be there for them in that manner anymore because I am in Business, no one pays me to solve the problems of my staff!  I am not earning $$ listening to their problems or trying to fix an emotional or psychological problem that runs way too deep!  I didn’t go to school to be a psychologist, I went to become an Accountant and Business Person, how did I get so sidetracked???

After a loss of a Client this morning because of again poor priorities on the part of my staff, I have to change my take on things and look at my business as “just business”, making money and reaching my monetary goals.  I will still be providing jobs, many more jobs, now that I have a different perspective, I will still assist Clients and Staff in building relationships and long term stability in their households, but it HAS TO BE DIFFERENT THIS TIME.

I will give them the jobs, God will have to change their hearts and minds.  I will continue to be a fair boss, provide opportunities for growth and empowerment, but they will have to find it within themselves to bring themselves out of where-ever they are to where they need to be.  I am not a saver of lives, only God is!

And, because of how I have been, people first, lives first, souls first, has me LAST on the lists of so many people, even myself.  My focus has been on people and not money, wealth and growth!  Maybe if my focus was on the business growth and money, those who don’t view me as important or worth their time, would see me in a different light. But do I really care what others think of me?  The answer to that question is YES or it wouldn’t bother me as much!  As long as I can live with myself, look myself in the mirror each day and know that I have done my best, I am OK.  I will continue to create NEW jobs and opportunities for others, but I will not get involved in trying to save lives anymore, again, I repeat, that is God’s job!  More business, less Social Work, makes good business sense to me!  That is where and who I am today!